Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Koda Kumi : "Love Is Over" Lyrics

"Love Is Over" is a song released by Koda Kumi on the Rhythm Zone label on October 13th, 2010.
The song is a cover Ou Yang Fei Fei's song of the same name.
The song appears as track #2 on her first cover album "ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~".

Love Is Over

Lyrics & Music: Kaoru Itou
Arrangement: COLDFEET

Love is over, it's sad, but
It's never gonna stop, so let's end it
Love is over, there's no reason
It's just one, for you

Love is over, the time will come
When we can laugh and say they were young mistakes
Love is over, you'll probably cry
Forget about me quickly

I won't forget you, darling
Even if I'm held by someone else, I won't forget
Because I think you are my last love

Love is over, I'll be your
Amulet, secretly in your heart
Love is over, one in the end
You can't deceive yourself

Don't cheat with alcohol
Gaze fixedly on your true self
I'm sure there's someone suited for you

Love is over, it's sad
"I'll leave quickly" don't look back
Love is over, uh...
Be healthy, love is over....

Love Is Over

Sakushi & Sakkyoku: Itou Kaoru
Henkyoku: COLDFEET

Love is over kanashii keredo
Owari ni shiyou kiriganai kara
Love is over WAKE nado nai yo
Tada hitotsu dake anata no tame

Love is over wakai ayamachi to
Waratte ieru toki ga kuru kara
Love is over naku na otoko darou
Atashi no koto wa hayaku wasurete

Atashi wa anta wo wasure wa shinai
Dare ni dakaretemo wasure wa shinai
Kitto saigo no koi da to omou kara

Love is over atashi wa anta no
Omamori de ii sotto kokoro ni
Love is over saigo ni hitotsu
Jibun wo damashicha ikenai yo

Osake nanka de gomakasanai de
Hontou no jibun wo jitto mitsumete
Kitto anta ni oniai no hito ga iru

Love is over kanashii yo
Hayaku detette furimukanai de
Love is over, uh...
Genki de ite ne Love is over....



Love is over 悲しいけれど
終りにしよう きりがないから
Love is over ワケなどないよ
ただひとつだけ あなたのため

Love is over 若いあやまちと
笑って言える 時が来るから
Love is over 泣くな男だろう


Love is over わたしはあんたの
お守りでいい そっと心に
Love is over 最後にひとつ


Love is over 悲しいよ
早く出てって ふりむかないで
Love is over, uh・・・・
元気でいてね Love is over ・・・・

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