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Nishizawa Shiena : "Kikan" English Lyrics

"Kikan" is a song released by Nishizawa Shiena on the flying DOG label on November 23rd, 2016.
The song was used as the theme song for "KanColle: The Movie".
The song appears as tracks #1 & #3 on her fourth single "Kikan" (as the original version and 'Instrumental ver.').


Lyrics: minatoku
Composition: WEST GROUND & Hige Driver
Arrangement: WEST GROUND & Natsumi Kameoka

I'd like to try listening to it someday
But I'm sure I won't be able to
Do you remember
the first sea we saw on that day?

I'd like to try going together
I'm sorry. I wonder if it's a bit far
I won't forget
the dawn I saw with you

On the night of a stormy day
we will embark
We carry our heavy burden
And lining up,
we must still advance, but
the rain is so strong we can't return home
The pain is dazzling

Remember that we were here
My morning, your dreams
Even if they sink and decay
we will certainly return
So embrace the wishes and prayers

Don't forget the wind running through
The sinking sea, the splitting sky
Even if they overflow and disappear
someday we'll be reunited
I return back to you. You who I connect with

I was fascinated by your profile
that's like the cherry blossom season
I won't forget
that smile in the sunlight

On a morning flower petals dance
we too will start rowing
We hold our final shield
And forming a circle
we must work our way there, but
the sky's so low we can't advance
Our vision blurring...

Keep waiting

The moon we looked up at
the waves sending up splashes too
the snow and rain too
Everything's so nostalgic

When it lies thick, deep and quietly
even if it erases
your nights, traces of me
we will return here, so
I will embrace you

I won't forget the clouds we chased after
the sinking sea, the splitting sky
Growing hazy in the distance
someday we'll walk together
You, who I connect with, are my hope

Sakushi: minatoku
Sakkyoku: WEST GROUND & Hige Driver
Henkyoku: WEST GROUND & Kameoka Natsumi

Itsuka wa kiite mitai na
Demo kitto dekinai ne
Ano hi mita hajime no umi

Issho ni itte mitai ne
Gomen sukoshi tooi kana
Kimi to mita asayakezora

Arashi no hi no yoru
Bokura wa tabidatsu
Omoi nimotsu mochi
Tairetsu wo kunde
Mada susumanakya dakedo
Ame ga tsuyokute kaerenai
Itami ga mabushii

Oboete ite koko ni ita koto
Boku no asa kimi no yume
Shizumi kuchitemo
Kanarazu kaeru kara
Negai inori dakishimete

Wasurenai de kakenuketa kaze
Ochiru umi hazeru sora
Kobore kietemo
Itsuka megurideau
Tsunagu kimi e no kitou

Sakura no kisetsu mitai na
Kimi no yokogao mihoreteta
Hidamari no sono egao

Hanabira mau asa
Bokura mo kogidasu
Saigo no tate mochi
Enjin wo kunde
Tadoritsukanakucha dakedo
Sora ga hikukute susumenai
Shikai ga nijinde


Miageta ita tsuki
Shibuki ageru nami mo
Yuki mo ame mo
Minna natsukashii

Shizuka ni fukaku furitsumoru toki
Kimi no yoru boku no ato
Keshite ittemo
Koko ni kaeru kara
Boku wa kimi wo dakishimeru

Wasurenai yo oikaketa kumo
Ochiru umi hazeru sora
Tooku kasunde
Itsu no hi ka tomo ni ayumu
Tsunagu kimi koso kibou

作曲:WEST GROUND & Hige Driver
編曲:WEST GROUND & 亀岡夏海

でも きっとできないね
あの日見た 初めの海

ごめん 少し遠いかな
君と見た 朝焼け空

まだ進まなきゃ だけど
雨が強くて 帰れない

覚えていて ここに居たこと
僕の朝 君の夢
願い 祈り 抱きしめて

忘れないで 駆け抜けた風
堕ちる海 爆ぜる空
いつか 巡り出逢う
繋ぐ君への 帰投

君の横顔 見惚れてた
ひだまりの その笑顔

たどりつかなくちゃ だけど
空が低くて 進めない



静かに深く 降り積もる時
君の夜 僕の跡
僕は 君を 抱きしめる

忘れないよ 追いかけた雲
堕ちる海 爆ぜる空
いつの日か 共に歩む
繋ぐ君こそ 希望

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