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NIGHTMARE : "Alice" Lyrics

"Alice" is a song released by NIGHTMARE on the Nippon Crown label on February 28th, 2007.
The song appears as track #5 on their fourth album "the WORLD Ruler".


Lyrics & Music: Sakito

Apterous Angel, still unstable
Apterous Angel, she shouted out in her heart
Apterous Angel, the meaning of her words
Disappear into the empty sky

Truehearted liar, so many things buried
Truehearted liar, in endless greed
Truehearted liar, that you reflect pitifully
Stained in a sad color

An expressionless face reflects in the mirror

Failing irony, two emotions
Failing irony, in one container
Failing irony, to the point these incompatible
Things seem to be spilling over

Twin thoughts rush about in her head

You've fought endlessly and deeply and have begun to dissolve
But you've lost your way in a hole chasing after a clock

Alice can't slip away

Jekyll or Hyde? A heterocaryon dances
In both clowning and charisma

Genuine craziness, surely now you're
Genuine craziness, in the middle of a contradiction
Genuine craziness, asking yourself
The meaning of your existence

Blustery ego, there are no such nightmares
Blustery ego, where you cannot see an end
Blustery ego, it's obvious
That the night will come to an end

To the other side of the darkening color

Whirling emotions, each of your feelings won't mix
You just don't want to admit the synchronization you felt slightly

No matter how much I deny it, it won't change, right? There's just one reality
If I can find a way to revive the meaning of existence

I'd like to forget the past

* Apterous - wingless
** Heterocaryon - a cell containing two or more nuclei of differing genetic constitutions


Sakushi & Sakkyoku: Sakito

apterous ANGEL fuantei na sonomama de
apterous ANGEL kokoro de sakenda
apterous ANGEL kotoba no imi nado
Munashiku sora ni kie yuku

truehearted LIAR tomaranai yoku ni
truehearted LIAR umoreta mono hodo
truehearted LIAR aware ni utsuru ne
Kanashii iro ni somatte

Kagami ni utsutta kao naki kao

failing IRONY hitotsu no utsuwa ni
failing IRONY futatsu no kanjou
failing IRONY aiirenai mono
Kobore ochisou na hodo ni

Atama kakemeguru futago no shian

Kagirinaku fukaku semegiai tokedashita KIMI wa
Tokei wo oikake ana no naka mayoikonda mama

Nukedasenai ARISU

Douke to KARISUMA tomo ni

genuine CRAZINESS ima masa ni KIMI wa
genuine CRAZINESS mujun no sanaka de
genuine CRAZINESS sonzai no imi wo
Onore ni toitadashiteru

blustery EGO owari no mienai
blustery EGO akumu nado wa nai
blustery EGO kimarikitta koto
Akenai yoru mo mata nai

Kageru shikisai no mukou gawa e

Uzumaku kanjou mazaranai sorezora no omoi wa
Wazuka ni kanjita SHINKURO wo mitometakunai dake

Doredake hiteishitemo kawaranai ne genjitsu wa hitotsu
Sonzai no riyuu wo ikasu sube wo mitsukedaseru nara

Kako wo wasuretai



apterous ANGEL 不安定なそのままで
apterous ANGEL 心で叫んだ
apterous ANGEL 言葉の意味など

truehearted LIAR 止まらない欲に
truehearted LIAR 埋もれたものほど
truehearted LIAR 哀れに映るね

鏡に映った 表情無き顔

failing IRONY ひとつの器に
failing IRONY ふたつの感情
failing IRONY 相容れないもの

頭駆け巡る 双子の思案

限りなく深く せめぎあい 溶け出したキミは
時計を追いかけ 穴の中 迷い込んだまま


ジキルかハイドか 踊るヘテロカリオン
道化とカリスマ 共に

genuine CRAZINESS 今まさにキミは
genuine CRAZINESS 矛盾の最中で
genuine CRAZINESS 存在の意味を

blustery EGO 終わりの見えない
blustery EGO 悪夢などは無い
blustery EGO 決まりきったこと 


渦巻く感情 混ざらない それぞれの想いは
僅かに感じた シンクロを 認めたくないだけ

どれだけ否定しても 変わらないね 現実はひとつ
存在の理由を 活かす術を 見つけ出せるなら


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