Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Van Tomiko : "Kitte no Nai Okurimono" Lyrics

"Kitte no Nai Okurimono" is a song released by Van Tomiko on the avex trax label on March 28th, 2007.
The song is a cover of Zaitsu Kazuo's song of the same name.
The song appears as track #11 on her first cover album "Voice ~cover you with love~".

A Gift with No Stamp

Lyrics & Music: Kazuo Zaitsu
Arrangement: Tetsuya Takahashi

I'll send this song from me to you
To you, my love, all alone in this wide world

I'll send this song to you who has no dream
This magical song so you'll know the joy of love

I'll send this song to you whom I bid farewell
When you're lonely, I want you to sing this song from the far off sky

Kitte no Nai Okurimono

Sakushi & Sakkyoku: Zaitsu Kazuo
Henkyoku: Takahashi Tetsuya

Watashi kara anata e kono uta wo todokeyou
Hiroi sekai ni tatta hitori no watashi no suki na anata e

Yume no nai anata e kono uta wo todokeyou
Aisuru koto no yorokobi wo shiru mahou jikake no kono uta wo

Wakare yuku anata ni kono uta wo todokeyou
Sabishii toki ni utatte hoshii tooi sora kara kono uta wo



私からあなたへ この歌をとどけよう
広い世界にたった一人の わたしの好きなあなたへ

夢のないあなたへ この歌をとどけよう
愛することの喜びを知る 魔法じかけのこの歌を

別れゆくあなたに この歌をとどけよう
淋しい時に歌ってほしい 遠い空からこの歌を

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