Thursday, January 17, 2008

UVERworld : "expod-digital" Lyrics

"expod-digital" is a song released by UVERworld on the gr8!records label on January 16th, 2008.
The song appears as track #8 on their third album "PROGLUTION".


Lyrics: TAKUYA∞
Music: UVERworld
Arrangement: UVERworld & Satoru Hiraide

A superhuman, colliding expansion flowing from my mouth, words in my clenched fist, a great body and soul punch
Words from the mic right and left, the pass game
Riding on a breath, a language hand grenade - bang, pull the pin and throw, my beat box


Sakushi: TAKUYA∞
Sakkyoku: UVERworld
Henkyoku: UVERworld & Hiraide Satoru

Choujinteki shoujinteki EKUSUPANSHON sashikomi kuchi kotoba nigirikobushi dai PANCHI ni zenshinzenrei
Migihidari kotoba no mic the PASS game
Toiki ni noseru gogaku no shuryuudan BANG PIN nuke tobasu tobasu BIITO BOX


編曲:UVERworld , 平出悟

右左言葉のmic the PASS game

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