Wednesday, September 10, 2008

UVERworld : "over the stoic" Lyrics

"over the stoic" is a song released by UVERworld on the gr8!records label on September 10th, 2008.
The song appears as track #3 on their eleventh single "Koishikute".

Over the Stoic

Lyrics: TAKUYA∞
Music: UVERworld
Arrangement: UVERworld & Satoru Hiraide

Stoic the world, an equation to revolution
Spell is UV, infinitely play
If you thrust it into the empty globe, there's sound
My boiling pulse, you guys are players
Shouldering risk
This is romantic+bounce for sure, a core difference
A struck circuit, a non-standard core
Control the power only you can have

over the stoic

Sakushi: TAKUYA∞
Sakkyoku: UVERworld
Henkyoku: UVERworld & Hiraide Satoru

stoic the world kakumei e no houteishiki
spell wa UV mugen ni play
Karappo no chikyuugi ni nejikomeba oto
Nietagiru kodou omaera ga player
risk wo seou
Sore koso romantic+bounce kaku no chigai
Buttonda kairo kikaku gai no core
Onore shika dekinai chikara wo control

over the stoic

編曲:UVERworld , 平出悟

stoic the world 革命への方程式 
spellはUV 無限にplay
煮えたぎる鼓動 お前等がplayer
それこそromantic+bounce 核の違い
ぶっとんだ回路 規格外のcore 

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