Thursday, December 11, 2008

Van Tomiko : "Refrain" Lyrics

"Refrain" is a song released by Van Tomiko on the avex trax label on December 10th, 2008.
The song appears as track #10 on her second album "Van.".


Lyrics: Tomiko Van & Ken'ichi Maeyamada
Music & Arrangement: Yoshimasa Fujisawa

Give me the usual kiss
And let's open the usual door
We won't be returning anymore
So let's lock this room

How many nights have I gotten through alone?
The more I bluffed, the sadder I got

Are you ready to fly?
Your tears, your gestures
Don't never cry
Now they all become precious

We pretended not to see
The inconvenient reality, and laughed
Even if we can never go back
To the way we were in those days

Are these tears for getting to know the meaning of farewell?
Because I'll be able to love somebody someday

Are you ready to fly?
This sadness will heal gradually
Don't never cry
And I'm sure I won't forget you, my love
Too many time
Look, my memories quietly melt away
Don't never cry
And I learned one more thing about the meaning of loving

Are you ready to fly?
Your tenderness, your smile
Don't never cry
I really want to forget them all now
Too many time
Even if this pain eventually disappears
Don't never cry
I'm sure I won't forget you. This is to the one I love


Sakushi: Van Tomiko & Maeyamada Ken'ichi
Sakkyoku & Henkyoku: Fujisawa Yoshimasa

Itsumo no KISU wo shite
Itsumo no DOA wo akeyou
Mou kaeru koto wa nai
Kono heya ni KAGI wo kakeyou

Hitorikiri no yoru wo ikutsu koeta?
Tsuyogaru hodo ni kanashikunatte ita

Are you ready to fly?
Kimi no namida mo, shigusa mo ima wa
Don't never cry
Subete itoshisa ni kawatte yuku no

Futsugou na genjitsu wo
Minai furi shite waratteta
Ano koro no futari niwa
Mou nidoto modorenakutemo

Wakare no imi wo shiru tame no namida?
Itsu no hi ka dareka wo aiseru kara

Are you ready to fly?
Kono setsunasa ga itsushika iete
Don't never cry
Kitto wasurenai itoshii hito yo
Too many time
Omoide wa hora shizuka ni tokete
Don't never cry
Aisuru imi wo mata hitotsu shitta

Are you ready to fly?
Kimi no yasashisa egao mo ima wa
Don't never cry
Hontou wa zenbu wasurete shimaitai
Too many time
Kono setsunasa ga yagate kietemo
Don't never cry
Kitto wasurenai itoshii anata e





Are you ready to fly?
Don't never cry



Are you ready to fly?
この切なさが いつしか癒えて
Don't never cry
きっと忘れない 愛しい人よ
Too many time
思い出はほら 静かに溶けて
Don't never cry

Are you ready to fly?
Don't never cry
Too many time
この切なさが やがて消えても
Don't never cry
きっと忘れない 愛しいあなたへ

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