Friday, November 9, 2012

Hamasaki Ayumi : "Melody" Lyrics

"Melody" is a song released by Hamasaki Ayumi on the avex trax label on November 8th, 2012.
The song appears as tracks #3, #8 & #11 on her third mini-album "LOVE" (as 'Original mix', 'BROKEN HAZE remix' and 'Original mix -Instrumental'), as track #6 on her fourth mini-album "again" (as 'Acoustic Piano version'), and as track #5 on her fourteenth album "LOVE again".


Lyrics: ayumi hamasaki
Music: Yasuhiko Hoshino
Arrangement: Yuuta Nakano

I've always disliked the sky
At the moment when the sun sets
It's too beautiful
And like the end of everything

That day I spent with you
That time had come again
And for some reason my tears wouldn't stop

Silently, you stayed by my side
And wiped away my tears

I'm sending a melody from me to you
Someday when we can play it together...

I'm sending a melody from me to you
It doesn't have to be perfect
I want it to play forever

Since some time, like the air
Like the wind flowing by
The scenery I see from your left side is my special seat

We don't need to say anything to exchange words
Cause I'll know everything just by peeking at your eyes

I never knew the comfort
Of being able to be be as I am

A melody I want to send to you forever
Shall we play it together little by little?

A melody I want to send to you forever
At our own pace
Like this, from here on

Even if we're helpless
And all you can hear is a sad melody
The you on a day like that, no matter who you are
You're always precious

A melody of your and my happiness
Nurturing it together and protecting it strongly and gently

Our final melody
I pray it'll stay a calm and gentle sound

I'm sending a melody from me to you

A melody I want to send to you forever


Sakushi: ayumi hamasaki
Sakkyoku: Hoshino Yasuhiko
Henkyoku: Nakano Yuuta

Hi ga kureru shunkan no
Sora ga zutto nigate datta
Amari ni kirei sugite
Marude subete no owari mitai de

Kimi to ita ano hi mo mata
Sono jikan wa yatte kite
Boku wa nazeka namida tomaranakatta

Tada damatte kimi wa tonari ni ite
Namida nugutte kureteta

Kimi ni okuru boku kara no MERODII
Itsu no hi ka futari de kanaderaretara to

Kimi ni okuru boku kara no MERODII
Jouzu ja nakute ii kara
Zutto nagarete ite hoshii

Itsukaraka kuuki no you ni
Kaze ga nagareru you ni
Kimi no hidarigawa kara mieru keshiki ga shiteiseki de

Tatoeba nan no kotoba mo kawasanakutemo ii yo
Hitomi wo nozoku dake de zenbu wakaru kara

Arinomama de irareru koto no
Kokochiyosa shiranakatta

Kimi ni zutto todoketai MERODII
Sukoshizutsu futari de kanadete ikou ka

Kimi ni zutto todoketai MERODII
Bokura dake no PEESU de
Sonna fuu ni korekara mo

Tatoeba dou nimo naranai
Kanashii MERODII shika kikoenai
Sonna hi no kimi demo donna kimi demo
Kawarazu ni itooshii yo

Kimi to boku no shiawase no MERODII
Futari de sodatete sotto tsuyoku mamotte

Kimi to boku no saigo no MERODII
Douka odayaka de yasashii oto de arimasu you ni

Kimi ni okuru boku kara no MERODII

Kimi ni zutto todoketai MERODII


作詞:ayumi hamasaki

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