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Girls' Generation : "Indestructible" English Lyrics

"Indestructible" is a song released by Girls' Generation on the NAYUTAWAVE RECORDS label on July 23rd, 2014.
The song appears as track #18 (DISC 1) on their best album "THE BEST".


Music: Claire Rodrigues, Albi Albertsson, & Chris Meyer


It's quick, isn't it? Time flows on the way we are
Since when has it been sure that we love one another?

We've shared everything together, quarrels and silences
But still, I feel relieved when I hear your voice

How you like me? This new sentimental argument, yeah, it's so hard
It's not easy, but it's so warm

These indestructible, unbreakable bonds will never fail
Our souls are a twin soul (twin soul)
For instance, even if you were about to fall from a cliff
I wouldn't release your hand

I'll protect you till the end...

I wonder if it's thanks to you that I really like myself?
Even what I hate has decreased a lot, you know?

"When a person knows loves, they can get stronger"
It's something my papa told me long ago

Am I confused? I wonder if my feelings are getting through well
However, I want to convey them honestly now

At times, what's important is just invisible, we can't see it, so
we've gotta say it over and over (say to you)
I want to touch the truth that scatters without us touching it
For this destiny
thank you

Let's set sail on a ship
in a raging (raising) storm
I will never surrender
Connecting the extending feelings
we'll go to a world we have never ever seen yet

These indestructible, unbreakable bonds will never fail
This is our firm soul
For instance, even if someone were to wound me
no matter what happens, I'd be okay

What's important is just invisible, we can't see it, so
I want to tell you over and over (I want to tell you)
Without you, I wouldn't be the me I am now
This destiny is


Sakkyoku: Claire Rodrigues, Albi Albertsson, & Chris Meyer


Hayai no ne tsukihi nagare the way we are
Omoiatte ita hazu ga itsu kara ka

Kouron mugon subete wo tomo ni shita wa
Sore demo sono koe de HOTTO shiteru

How you like me? Atarashii kanjouron wa it's so hard
Kantan ja nai kedo attakai

Kono Indestructible Unbreakable kesshite kowarenai kizuna
Tamashii wa twin soul (twin soul)
Tatoe anata ga gake kara ochisou ni natta to shitemo
Sono te dake wa hanasanai no

Mamorinuku kara...

Anata no okage kana zuibun I like myself
Kirai na koto mo daibu ne hettari shite

Ai wo shiru to hito wa tsuyoku nareru tte
Tooi mukashi PAPA ga itte ita koto

Konsenchuu? Omoi wa umaku todoku kana
Dakedo sunao ni ima tsutaetai

Toki ni taisetsu na mono wa tada Invisible me ni mienai dakara
Nandomo iwanakya (say to you)
Fureru koto naku chitte yuku shinjitsu ni furetakute
Kono destiny

Fune wo dasou
Fukisusabu (raising) arashi no naka
surrender kesshite yamenai
Tsuranaru omoi tsunaide
Mada never ever minai sekai e

Kono Indestructible Unbreakable kesshite kowarenai kizuna
Tashika na our soul
Tatoe dareka ga watashi wo kizutsukeyou to shitemo
Nani ga attemo daijoubu

Taisetsu na mono wa Invisible me ni mienai dakara
Nandomo iitai no (iitai no)
Anata nashi dewa ima kono watashi wa nakatta yo
Kono destiny


作曲:Claire Rodrigues・Albi Albertsson・Chris Meyer


早いのね 月日流れ the way we are
想い合っていたはずが いつからか

口論 無言 全てを共にしたわ
それでも その声で ホッとしてる

How you like me? 新しい感情論はit's so hard

このIndestructible Unbreakable 決して壊れない絆
魂はtwin soul (twin soul)
たとえあなたが 崖から落ちそうになったとしても
その手だけは はなさないの


あなたのおかげかな 随分I like myself
嫌いなこともだいぶね 減ったりして

遠い昔 パパが言っていたこと

混線中? 想いはうまく届くかな
だけど 素直に今伝えたい

ときに大切なものはただInvisible 目に見えない だから
何度も言わなきゃ (say to you)
触れることなく散ってゆく 真実に触れたくて

吹きすさぶ (raising) 嵐の中
surrender 決してやめない
まだnever ever見ない世界へ

このIndestructible Unbreakable 決して壊れない絆
確かなour soul
たとえ誰かが私を 傷つけようとしても
何があっても 大丈夫

大切なものはInvisible目に見えない だから
何度も言いたいの (言いたいの)
あなた無しでは 今この私はなかったよ


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