Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Okui Masami : "Hikari e ~I pray to be given~" English Lyrics

"Hikari e ~I pray to be given~" is a song released by Okui Masami on the Lantis label on June 10th, 2015.
The song appears as track #1 on her seventeenth album "Symbolic Bride".

To the Light ~I Pray to Be Given~

Lyrics & Music: Masami Okui
Arrangement: Ken'ichi Sudou

It's not the length of someone's lifetime
rather, it's the "depth" called bonds of giving and receiving love
A flower blooms in the if it's healing wounds
Until the time it's complete, let's join hands

Even if we only shed tears over and over like this
we will forget the pain
We're seeking the future like this, saying "I want to live"
Once again, turn back to that day
Now what do you want to protect?
I say for you
Hikari e ~I pray to be given~

Sakushi & Sakkyoku: Okui Masami
Henkyoku: Sudou Ken'ichi

Hito no isshou wa nagasa dewa nakute
Ai wo ataete ai wo moratta kizuna to iu "fukasa"
Kouya ni saku hana...kizu wo iyasu you ni
Umetsukusu toki made te wo tsunagou

Konna ni nandomo namida dake nagashitemo
Itami wo wasureru bokutachi
Konna ni ashita wo motometeru "ikitai yo" to
Mou ichido ano hi, furikaette
Kimi wa ima nani wo mamoritai?
I say for you
光へ ~I pray to be given~


愛を与えて愛をもらった 絆と云う“深さ”

I say for you

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