Thursday, December 4, 2014

SCANDAL : "love in action" Lyrics

"love in action" is a song released by SCANDAL on the EPIC Records Japan label on December 3rd, 2014.
The song appears as track #3 on their sixth album "HELLO WORLD".

Love in Action

Lyrics, Music, & Arrangement: MAMI
Additional Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi

"My phone's charge is about to run out"
You're irritated, but you too have no charge
Unable to look out at those around you
Hey, hey, you hit them without even apologizing

In these busy days
You've lost your flexibility a bit
In those times I'll give love to your heart

You've gotta show it in form
To that girl you like
And to that person you dislike
What you need is love in action

You jump onto a crowded train and sigh
Smoke is coming from your overloaded head
"I'm not a machine that moves from the touch of a button"
When you thought of that, you road past your stop

Taking a deep breath
And loitering on the way is fine at times
There are so many things that can't be helped, but

Make your regrets into a spring
And change your pinch into a chance
And after recycling your feelings
Even you can do it - love in action

You're coming through and connecting
From small feelings
If you show it in form
The world will change - love in action

love in action

Sakushi, Sakkyoku, & Henkyoku: MAMI
Additional Arrangement: Kawaguchi Keita

Keitai no juuden ga nakunarisou datte
IRAIRA shiteru kimi mo juuden busoku
Kitto mawari wo miwatasetenakute
Hora hora butsukatte ayamari mo shinai de

Isogashii mainichi ni
Chotto yoyuu ga naku natteru
Sonna toki ni koso kokoro niwa ai wo

Daisuki na ano ko nimo
Nigate na ano hito nimo
Katachi de shimeshite kanakya
Kimi ni hitsuyou nanowa love in action

Manin densha ni tobinotte tameiki
Yuuryou OOBAA no atama kara wa kemuri
BOTAN hitotsu de ugoku kikai ja nai shi
Nante omottetara norisugoshichattari

Fukaku iki wo shite
Tama niwa michikusa mo ii desho
Shikata no nai koto takusan aru kedo

Koukai wo BANE ni shite
PINCHI wa CHANSU ni kaete
Kimochi wo RISAIKURU shitara
Kimi datte dekiru sa love in action

Chiisa na kimochi kara
Tsutawatte tsunagatte iku
Katachi de shimeshite ikeba
Sekai wa kawatte iku love in action

love in action


携帯の充電が なくなりそうだって
イライラしてる 君も充電不足
きっと周りを 見渡せてなくて
ほらほら ぶつかって 謝りもしないで


君に必要なのは love in action

満員電車に 飛び乗ってため息
容量オーバーの 頭からは煙
ボタン一つで動く 機械じゃないし
なんて思ってたら 乗り過ごしちゃったり


君だって出来るさ love in action

世界は変わっていく love in action


  1. Thank you so much! Could you please write who sings which part as i'm new to the band so i'm not sure who's voice is whos. Thank you again for the speedy translate!

  2. The cute chipmunky voice is Tomomi (bass). She sings first at this song. The main vocal is Haruna. Mami is guitarist and also backing vocal.