Monday, May 27, 2019

Shiina Ringo : "Niwatori to Hebi to Buta" Lyrics

Sandokushi / Ringo Sheena
"Niwatori to Hebi to Buta" is a song released by Shiina Ringo on the Virgin Music / Universal Music label on May 27th, 2019.
The song appears as track #1 on her sixth album "Sandokushi".

Rooster, Snake, and Pig

Lyrics, Composition, & Arrangement: Shiina Ringo

Thinking of sweetness, stuffed myself even more
Afraid it'd run out, had to get even more
Dripping with honey, ran to store even more
Gorging, got nauseous, vomited everywhere

I thought that full was something better
Detestable is how it feels
Why must this be?

The honey used to taste delightful
Was it a poison actually
There to trap me?

Am I cursed? I've slighted no one
And I'm sure I know myself
The best so something's not right

This self is the only thing I love
To hear, to smell, to see, to touch
To taste is irreplaceable, no less

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