Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Okui Masami : "SOUL MATE" Lyrics

"SOUL MATE" is a song released by Okui Masami on the evolution label on October 4th, 2006.
The song appears as track #10 on her twelfth album "evolution".

Soul Mate

Lyrics: Masami Okui
Music & Arrangement: Hidetake Yamamoto

In a corner of these vast heavens
Life is being born - it's our life
We got hurt and took the wrong path
But we met, didn't we?...It's our miracle

Even if these shapeless feelings are born again... Still love you
I won't forget your scent or your smile or your way of speaking either

Don't ever let go of these hands
Find me
wherever I am etched in this soul
Remember me, okay? You are my SOUL MATE

As we felt fate, the two of us fell in love and ran
but our endings aren't connected again
We follow the tracks

I'm sure we have so many people important to us... So our friends
We have to open the other side of the door we can't choose and advance ahead

When I softly hold your shoulders
I'll find you
wherever you are etched in that soul
I believe you're my one and only - I'm your SOUL MATE

Oh wish, come true!
Until it comes true, I want to be born here
over and over on this unforgiving earth
My wish will come true
and we'll open the door together at the moment we join hands again

When we strongly grasp each other's hands
the memories of our souls will be revived
so don't let go for now only
We can find each other
wherever we are etched in these souls
Led by the power of love, we're SOUL MATE


Sakushi: Okui Masami
Sakkyoku & Henkyoku: Yamamoto Hidetake

Kono hiroi sora no katasumi
Umarekuru inochi It's our life
Kizutsuite michi machigatte
Deaeta ne...futari kiseki

Katachi nai kono omoi wa umarekawattemo... Still love you
Wasurenai kimi no kaori to egao soshite kuchiguse mo

Kono te wo zutto hanasanai de
Kizamikomu tamashii no naka ni
Doko ni itatte mitsukedashite
Watashi, oboete ite ne You are my SOUL MATE

Unmei wo kanjita futari koi ni ochi hashitta kedo
Musubarenai ketsumatsu mo mata
Watashitachi tadoru kiseki

Taisetsu na hito ga kitto takusan iru n da... So our friends
Erabenai tobira no mukou akete mae e susumanakya

Kimi no kata sotto dakishimetara
Kizamikomu tamashii no naka ni
Doko ni itatte mitsukedasu yo
Tatta hitori to shinji I'm your SOUL MATE

Negai yo kanatte!
Kanau made nando datte
KOKO ni umaretai kakoku na hoshi ni
Negai ga kanatte
Futatabi te wo tsunagu toki issho ni tobira wo akeyou

Kono te wo tsuyoku nigiriaeba
Yomigaeru tamashii no kioku
Dakara ima dake hanasanai de
Kizamikomu tamashii no naka ni
Doko ni itatte mitsukedaseru
Ai no chikara ni michibikare We're SOUL MATE



この広い宇宙 -そら- の片隅
生まれ来る命 It's our life
傷ついて 道間違って
出逢えたね…二人 奇蹟

形ないこの想いは 生まれ変わっても… Still love you
忘れない 君の香りと笑顔 そして口癖も

私、覚えていてね You are my SOUL MATE

運命を感じた二人 恋に落ち走ったけど
私達 辿る軌跡

大切な人がきっと たくさんいるんだ… So our friends
選べない扉の向こう 開けて前へ進まなきゃ

たったひとりと信じ I'm your SOUL MATE

ココに生まれたい 過酷な地球 -ほし- に
再び手を繋ぐ瞬間 -とき- 一緒に扉を開けよう

愛の力に導かれ We're SOUL MATE

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